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Stallion 818 SC Carpet Extractor

The Stallion 818 SCs maneuverability and deep-down cleaning make it the perfect extractor for restoration of small and medium-sized carpeted areas.

  • The Stallion 818 SC blasts solution into the carpet through its tree stainless steel jets. The embedded dirt is agitated by the floating brush, which automatically adjusts to different carpet pile heights. The solution and loosened soil are then extracted through a cast aluminum 18-inch shoe by the powerful 1.88 HP vacuum motor.

  • 8-gallon solution and recovery tanks minimize the time spent emptying and refilling tanks, increasing productivity.

  • The hinged, rotocast polyethylene body provides easy access to internal components, simplifying maintenance.

  • The Stallion 818 SC has an accessory connector for use with optional carpet, stair, and upholstery tools.

  • Ideal for offices, hotel rooms, and other areas where carpet restoration is required the Stallion 818 SC is a workhorse built for the rigors of heavy-duty commercial use.


NSS Stallion Carpet Extractor Carpet Extractors

NSS Pony 20SCA Carpet Extractor

A large 20-gallon capacity and 22-inch power brush make the self-propelled Pony 20 SCA carpet extractor perfect for wide open, carpeted areas.

  • With its 3-stage vacuum motor and 100 PSI bypass-type solution pump, the Pony has the power to blast solution into the nap and the suction to remove carpet dirt in a single pass.

  • The variable-speed drive motor allows the operator to match working speed to carpet conditions. Compared to a box extractor, The Pony 20 SCA cleans carpet in half the time and is less fatiguing to operate.

  • A built-in spray wand makes pre-cleaning spots and high traffic areas quick and easy.

  • The spring-loaded brush housing, with quick quarter-turn removable nozzles, is offset to clean up to the baseboard. A floating brush and lock-down swinging vacuum shoe assure the Pony 20 SCA provides aggressive cleaning performance while minimizing drying time.

  • Built for the rigors of heavy-duty commercial use, the Pony features a flap-type float shut-off, hinged polyethylene body, and a welded steel base.


NSS Pony 20 SCA Carpet Extractor Carpet Extractors

Mastercraft TW Carpet Extractor

This exceptional carpet cleaning machine features True Forward and Reverse brush cleaning operation. The TW Compacts Cylindrical brush is gentler on carpets than rotary brushes, but just as effective at loosening up and removing dirt from carpets of any kind.

Our Unique Bladder System enables the TW Compact to be super compact by utilizing the same space for both clean and recovery water, so a smaller footprint is needed to attain beautiful results while being easy to transport and store.

The TW Compact is the ideal machine for professional cleaning of large areas. Also clean corners, edges and stairs with optional adapter connection.


Mastercraft Carpet Extractor Carpet Extractors

Crusader 12 Carpet Extractor

The Crusader 5 & 12 Gallon carpet extractors are great for bigger jobs where anything else just isnt practical. These extractors are great for cleaning stains and dirt that are ground deep down into the carpet fibers. They are perfect for detailing cars, boats, travel trailers, etc. These units come with the hose set and single jet wand, and are also available with heat.

  • 120 PSI Diaphragm Demand Solution Pump (150 PSI Pump Available Special Order)

  • Single or Dual Vacuum Motors Available

  • Available With No Heat, 1000 Watt, or 2000 Watt

  • 25 12 Gauge Power Cord (2 On Model 3700-HEAT Unit)

  • Draws only 15 Amps (Model 3700-HEAT Unit Draws 2 x20)

  • Very Rugged Fiberglass Construction that is rustproof and Impervious to cleaning solutions.

  • 5 Gallon Units Come With 15 Hose and Single Jet Wand (Heated unit comes with special high temperature and high pressure hoses & valve)

  • 12 Gallon Units Come With 25 Hose and Single Jet Wand (Heated unit comes with special high temperature and high pressure hoses & valve)

  • Recovery Tank has a Removable Stainless Steel

  • Float Shut-Off for Vacuum Motor Protection

  • Light Indicator for Separate Circuit Sensing (only on heated units that have 2 cords)

  • Pressure Relief Valve on Heater for Safety

  • Clear See-Thru Dome Lid and a User-Friendly Design


Crusader 12 Carpet Extractor Carpet Extractors

Century 400 Sensei Carpet Extractor

The 6 gallon Sensei offers a variety of options to meet the needs of commercial carpet cleaners, auto detailers, and the rental market.


  • HOUSING: Rotational Molded Polyethylene

  • DIMENSIONS: 28H X 20D X 16W - Handle Folded 36HX 20DX 16W - Handle Upright

  • CAPACITY: 6 Gallon Solution Tank 6 Gallon Recovery Tank

  • MOBILITY: 4Front Casters, 8Rear Dolly Wheels for stair climbing ease

  • HANDLES: Front Grab Handle, Rear Dolly Handle

  • PUMP: 50 or 100 PSI

  • VACUUM: Three-Stage 120 Water Lift

  • WEIGHT: 60 Lbs. empty, machine only - Shipping Weight 66 Lbs.

  • FEATURES: Built-in Float Shut-off, Fold Down Handle


Carpet Extractor Carpet Extractors

Century 400 Ninja Warrior Carpet Extractor

After a long and thorough process of research and development that entailed trips across the United States, focus groups and rigorous in-field testing; Century 400 proudly re-introduces the Ninja series!

Faster drying times. The Ninja Warrior uses a parallel vacuum motor system which delivers up to a 25% greater solution recovery rate than series vacuum motor systems.

Maintenance is easier than ever providing an open access to all components delivering the ability to easily maintain, clean and care for your Ninja Warrior after jobs.

Several models are available, including 150, 200 and 500 PSI pumps, dual 2-stage or 3-stage vacuum motors and optional internal heaters.


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